Braids Everywhere

A go-to style this summer? Braids are in. It’s a quick, easy and cute way to add some style. Braids can work on any hair length or texture, and the possibilities are endless. Try braiding your face-framing pieces, placing braids randomly all over or even braiding your ponytail for a fun fresh look. Use our Gimme Bands or Elastic Stacks to bring these looks to life.

Y2K Updos

We’re bringing back the 2000s. Spiky updos, flipped ends, and throwback hair accessories are all the rage. Try using our Wireless Freedom Styling Tools to bring back these trendy styles.

Slicked Back

It's hard to ignore the fact that super sleep hairstyles have been all over social media, fashion weeks, red carpets and more. A slicked-back hairstyle is IN, and can instantly transform your look into something that feels much cooler, fresh, and totally modern. Use the Gimme Bands to secure your hair, for a headache free look.

90s Blowout

The bombshell blowout is back. Volume, lift throughout the crown and a bouncy, layered look. It’s all about soft healthy hair, a beautiful blowout with volume and a little bevel at the ends. Need to add some texture and extra volume to your blowout? Use our Dry Shampoo by spraying your roots or throughout your hair for that extra boost.