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July 19, 2023

Benefits of a Scalp Massage for Hair Health

did you know there are incredible benefits to massaging your scalp??💁‍♀️✨ here are the top 4 benefits of using our shampoo massage brush!

Benefits of a Scalp Massage for Hair Health

from reducing product buildup and removing dead skin cells to helping stimulate hair growth, a scalp massage regularly boosts your hair's wellness by supporting the health of your scalp + hair! keep reading to learn more about all the benefits of incorporating our Shampoo Massage Brush into your routine!


  • increased blood flow: using a scalp massager will help to increase blood flow which is key in helping with hair growth.
  • loosen dead skin cells: massaging your entire scalp is incredibly beneficial as an exfoliating treatment. if there is any dead skin around, use the massager in a circular motion to clear it all up.
  • increased product absorption: massaging your scalp causes blood vessels to be more dilated due to the increased circulation. any serum you're using to thicken your locks will be more easily absorbed into your strands.
  • reduces muscle tension: we hold a lot of tension across our hairline, behind our ears and in the neck which is caused mostly to stress. scalp tension can result in constricted blood vessels, but taking the time to unwind by giving your scalp some TLC can do the trick.

scalp massages deliver incredible therapeutic and general health benefits. Snag a Shampoo Massage Brush today and start your scalp health journey, plus it feels great! what's not to love?!💖