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February 29, 2024

Fall Equinox Event 2023

Check out this inside look at our Fall Equinox Celebration with our GIMME Girlie community! ✨

Fall Equinox Event 2023

As the leaves begin to turn and the fall chill settles in the air, we felt it be the perfect time for a community event–and so our Fall Equinox Event came to life! With the season changes, we felt a celebration was the perfect way to welcome Autumn with open arms, the Gimme girl way of course. 😉

The night was FILLED with wonder, mystical insights and personalized self-care, as we fully embraced the energy of the equinox. We made connections with others in our community and set intentions for the new season. Seeing our Gimme community come together for this night was a magical experience that we are so lucky to have shared. Keep scrolling + check out all the amazing things our team worked together on, with the help of some incredible vendors and teams that helped make this night happen.


Gimme Girl Dinner


To kick off the evening, we gathered around for a Gimme girl dinner. Chatting with our girlies and having this moment to share in laughter, eat delicious food and have heartfelt conversations set the tone for the evening! We wanted to fill the event with exciting activities, which included: an aura bar, tarot readings, and a build your own salt blend stand.


With an array of aromatic salts, dry herbs and essential oils to choose from, our build your own salt blend activity was definitely a highlight of the night. Our girlies were able to craft personalized bath salt blends that catered to their unique preferences. The soothing scents left everyone feeling not only relaxed but also rejuvenated, ready to take on the fall season ahead!

For those who were seeking a touch of mysticism and insight for the future, our Tarot readings were a popular stop! Our experienced tarot readers guided participants on a journey of self-discovery and reflection, providing a fresh perspective and encouraged our community to consider the possibilities and opportunities that a new season can bring!

As the evening continued, our Aura bar created a special moment. We wanted everyone to take a second to set an intention for the new season. The Gimme team used an array of colorful bands from our Gimme Band collection, to create a build your own band bundle in the color of the intention you choose. Truly such an incredible part of the night, where we delved into our desires and dreams for the rest of the year.

 These shared experiences we created with our community were unforgettable. The event highlighted the strength of our community and the power of coming together to celebrate the beauty and potential of the new season. We look forward to more magical moments like these in the future!


The Gimme team wanted to bring this event to life in fun ways that our ENTIRE community can be a part of! Below we’ve provided a special playlist for the fall, that was played the entire event and you’re sure to love.

Our Gimme team also designed and created exciting prints and backgrounds for everyone to enjoy. Click the link here to download any/all prints and phone backgrounds for you to save!


Our Fall Equinox Event was an unforgettable night of connection and celebration, but we COULDN’T have done it without the help of these incredible people. We want to give a  special thank you to all the people that helped make this happen below:

Event decor: @steelemagnoliasdesign

Acai: @vidaacai    

Floral: @flowersbyemmie 

Tarot Readings: @mystkmajk