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August 24, 2023

Round Brush Tips & Tricks for the Perfect Blowout

Looking for tips to master a salon quality blowout?? Here’s some tricks to change your hair game! 🩵

Round Brush Tips & Tricks for the Perfect Blowout

starting out with a Round Brush isn’t easy, but we’ve compiled some of the best tips & tricks for mastering your at-home blowout routine.

Choosing Your Brush

hair length and barrel size

  • Basic rule of thumb: the shorter your hair, the smaller the diameter of the brush you choose. A large- barreled brush works great if your hair is below your shoulders and are looking for a beautiful blowout.

curl or volume?

  • The small round brush {25mm} is used to produce a nice curl pattern; smaller brushes will create more definition and shape and allow volume to the ends of the hair.
  • The larger brushes {43mm//53mm} are ideal for lifting the hair at the roots, creating added height and volume. They are also better suited for smoothing and straightening, as well as gently curving the hair ends.

Tips & Tricks

when to start.

How dry your hair should be when you begin styling, depends on your hair texture. If you have pretty naturally straight hair, let it air dry or blow dry until it’s about 80% dry. However if you have pretty coily hair, you will want to pull it straight with a brush while soaking wet.

use heat protection.

In order to keep your hair as healthy as possible, use heat protectant!! It’s important to block your strands from too much heat as well as help avoid frizz.

work your way down from the roots.

When you begin, place the round brush at the base of your roots then roll it down to the ends. Follow the brush with the heat from the blow dryer. A general rule of thumb is to direct the brush away from your face while also holding the blow drying toward the brush.

switch up the angles.

As you reach the ends of your hair, switch up how you angle the brush. Give it an extra twist of  the wrist or twirl as you go to add a soft, natural-looking wave at the end. {Note: no matter how you’re moving the brush, keep the nozzle of the blow-dryer parallel and angled downward so you’re evenly dispersing the heat.}

take your time.

The fastest way to blow-dry your hair with a round brush is to take your time. Wrapping sections that are too large around the round brush won’t save you any time in the end because you’ll most likely have to go back and redo them. The smaller the section, the more evenly you can dry and style the hair and the faster you can move on.