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Detangling for YOUR hair type

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A Perfect Duo

GIMME bristles are optimized with a combo of length + perfect flexibility for a softer pull to reduce damage when detangling your hair.

Fine Hair

Shortest, most flexible bristles

Medium Hair 

Mid-length, medium flex bristles

Thick Hair 

Longest, most rigid bristles

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How GIMME Compares

GIMME Detangling Brush Dyson Detangling Brush Drybar Detangling Brush
Unique brush model for hair types Thick, Medium, Fine One for All One for All
Patent-pending design Check MarkM
Price $35 $60+ $20-40
Ergonomic velvet- grip handle Check MarkM
Ball-tip bristles for scalp comfort Check MarkM Check with no Cirle Check with no Cirle
Wet or Dry Hair Check MarkM Check with no Cirle Check with no Cirle
Aesthetic Design Check MarkM Check with no Cirle

Damage - Free Detangling

Bristles designed to match your hair type

Bristles on each brush are optimized with a tailored combo of length + flexibility that are proven to glide through hair with a softer pull to reduce damage.

  • Softer pull = less damage
  • Anti-static & frizz ball-tipped bristles
  • Flexible nylon for durability

Brush Features

Salon quality to enhance hair - roots to ends.

  • Heat resistant thermoplastic body
  • Soft curved paddle base massages scalp
  • Ergonomic velvet-grip handle
  • Exclusive Patent-Pending Design