Gimme Twist™ Gentle-Dry Hair Towel - Grey

Gimme Twist™ Gentle-Dry Hair Towel - Grey


Gimme Twist™ Gentle-Dry Hair Towel - Grey



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What's included? 

    • Gimme Twist™ Gentle-Dry Hair Towel 1CT
      • Color: Pale Grey
    • Reusable Travel Pouch

Product overview:

    • 100% Microfiber
    • Hypoallergenic 
    • Highly Absorbent
    • Ultra Soft
Made For:

Our Gentle-Dry Hair Towel

Designed to dry hair quickly with ZERO heat damage. Microfiber material creates a frizz-free style for any hair type while preventing breakage. Our two-button design allows a custom fit for All hair lengths and thicknesses.

image for The good stuff:

Take your shower routine to the next level.

The good stuff:

- highly absorbent

- ultra soft

- gentle on hair

- customizable fit

- hypoallergenic

- 100% microfiber

- packaging doubles as travel pouch

image for No bad vibes:

Dry w/ NO damage!

No bad vibes:

- no heat damage

- no frizz

- no friction

- no split ends

or breakage

How to Gimme Twist™

Details: Plus

1. Flip head forward, with the buttons at the nape of the neck and hair draped in front of your face. Begin tucking hair toward the point of the towel.

2. Twist the towel & flip over your head.

3. Secure it in place by fastening the loop to either the top or bottom button {whichever feels you most comfortable + secure}.

4. Leave the towel on as you finish getting ready and remove when hair is damp.


Hair drying but with a twist.
Dries hair in HALF the time with ZERO heat damage, reduces split ends + damage

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