Detangling Brush - Fine Hair

Detangling Brush - Fine Hair


Detangling Brush - Fine Hair


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  • Gimme Detangling Brush - Fine Hair 1PC


    • Rated best FINE HAIR detangling brush
    • Designed for fine + delicate hair types
    • Shortest, most flexible bristles 
    • Heat resistant
    • Anti-static + frizz
    • Exclusive patent-pending design
    • 100% Satisfaction 
      Made For:
      Extra Fine

      Our Fine Detangling Brush

      Designed for Fine + delicate hair types, this brush has the shortest + most flexible bristles, making it easier to gently detangle without breakage + restore hair's texture and appearance.

      Damage Free Detangling

      Bristle Flexibilty

      Bristles are optimized with a tailored combo of length + perfect flexibility for a softer pull to reduce damage.

      Style With Care

      Triblend Bristles

      1) Softer pull = less damage
      2) Anti-static + frizz ball-tipped bristles
      3) Flexible nylon for durability
      4) Heat resistant

      Brush Features

      Salon quality to enhance hair

      • Heat-resistant thermoplastic body
      • Soft curved paddle base massages scalp
      • Ergonomic velvet-grip handle
      • Exclusive Patent-Pending Design

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