Metal Bristle Brush

Metal Bristle Brush


Metal Bristle Brush


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  • Gimme Metal Bristle Brush


    • Designed for ALL hair types
    • Durable 100% stainless steel bristles
    • Flexible cushion ensures even pressure across the scalp for a gentle massage.
    • Stimulating the scalp will improve circulation, distribute hair’s natural oils, remove product build-up & promote hair growth.
    • Exclusive patent-pending design
    • 100% Satisfaction 

    Made For:

    Our Metal Bristle Brush

    Elevate your hair care routine with Metal Bristle brilliance! Designed for ALL hair types to gently comb through and detangle hair while increasing stimulation to support a healthy scalp, this isn’t just a brush, it’s a lifestyle upgrade.

    True Magic of Scalp Stimulation

    Cascade of Benefits:

    • Stimulates scalp, enhancing blood circulation ⎯ helps to promote hair growth
    • Effortlessly distribute hair’s natural oils — restoring balance + sheen
    • Eliminates product build up + residue

    Metal Bristle Magic

    100% Stainless Steel Bristles

    Crafted with precision to stand the test of time + designed to be tough enough to handle the fiercests of tangles.

    Adapts To Your Every Move

    Flexible Cushion

    Our flexible cushion ensures even pressure across the scalp for a blissful massage experience, leaving your scalp thanking you for the love.

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